Infographic: 65 creative ideas to fuel your blog

Don’t stay stuck. Start crafting something that’s useful, timely or entertaining—or perhaps even controversial.

Are you staring into the pale abyss of a blank Word doc, just waiting for a lightning strike of creativity?

Stop doing that, and rip open a sackful of juicy blog ideas—courtesy of DigitalMarketer. Its infographic serves up 65 tasty tips that will get your fingers flying and your brain humming.

To home in on a specific topic, first choose a broader bucket of post varieties that you want to compose, including:

  • Useful posts. When in doubt, help your audience out.
    Solve pain points, offer solutions to common problems, and craft helpful how-tos. Serve up handy checklists, compile relevant tools and tips, and present case studies that quell likely objections for potential customers.
  • Generous posts. Those who are kind move to the front of the line.
    Instead of constantly tooting your own horn, profile someone else, provide a roundup of links your audience will lap up, or compile a list of folks to follow on social media. Whenever you’re feeling stuck, think of how you can promote, support, flatter or spotlight a third party.
  • Entertaining posts. If you want content that pierces and soars, don’t be a bore.
    Start with the assumption that no one cares about your product or service. You must make your audience care about your content by grabbing them with pieces that are funny, jarring or visually compelling. Use memes, humor or another form of creative, compelling storytelling to entertain your audience. Lighthearted, fun, engaging content will keep them coming back for more.

The infographic offers much more ready-made blog fodder, so peruse the whole piece.

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