Infographic: Crafting the ideal logo

Colors, shapes, typefaces and white balance affect how—and even whether—people will remember your brand. Consider these tips before designing your organization’s logo.

Most organizations’ logos have fairly simple designs, but don’t be fooled: A significant amount of thought went into creating them.

A designer must consider the effect that colors, shapes, typefaces and even white space will have on their organization’s audience before they debut a new logo.

An infographic from Company Folders explains how to design the perfect logo. Here are a few pointers:

1. Reinforce your brand with your design: It’s no accident that Burger King’s logo looks like a hamburger. Apple’s logo—with a bite taken out of the fabled fruit—implies wisdom.

2. Consider shape psychology: Triangles evoke feelings of power and stability (think of Adidas’ logo), and circles convey unity and completeness (consider GE’s).

3. Use negative space: FedEx’s logo has an arrow between the “E” and the “x,” suggesting the movement of packages. Can you incorporate a subtle symbol that’s relevant to your organization?

Take a look at the full infographic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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