Infographic: Elements of the content marketing life cycle

What are the stages in the customer journey that your content must address? Consider these essential steps.

Content Marketing Lifecycle InfographicIt is imperative that your content funnel your audience toward a desired result.

Knowing whether your content is having the desired impact is crucial for marketers and communicators in every industry. However, you can only know what that desired outcome is if you have mapped a customer journey to determine exactly what creates purchase intent.

To do that, you need a plan before you write a single word.

This infographic from Branex breaks down seven stages for a comprehensive life cycle for your content marketing efforts, from the planning stage all the way through publication.

Key stages include:

  • Setting a goal
  • Doing your research
  • Content distribution
  • Engagement

To learn how each phase helps you target your audience and deliver a high-quality message to valuable business leads, read the full infographic.

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