Infographic: How brands can send the perfect birthday email

Sending customers a birthday treat is an easy way to build good will. Here’s what you need to know to send an effective one.

Birthdays are great for many reasons: cake, birthday cards, phone calls from family and friends, and birthday emails from your favorite companies.

You weren’t expecting that last one, were you?

The truth is most people don’t expect birthday emails from brands. But according to an infographic from ExactTarget, sending these emails is an easy way for brands to delight their customers.

Who sends birthday emails?

Among the brands that collect customers’ birth dates, 38 percent of B2C brands, 29 percent of retail brands and 44 percent of non-retail brands use them to send birthday emails.

What’s in a birthday email?

Retailers typically offer discounts, and restaurants like to offer a free dessert.

When you should send a birthday email?

Most brands send emails one week before the subscriber’s birthday.

Take a look at the graphic for more on how to send the perfect birthday email:

(View a larger image.)

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