Infographic: Is your cell phone killing you?

Twenty-two percent of American adults would rather forgo brushing their teeth than give up their cell phone, but the phone they love so much may be the cause of their demise.

We already know there are many seemingly harmless ways to die an untimely death.

Sitting all day and stress caused by co-workers, to name a few.

In case those discoveries didn’t scare you enough, here’s one more unintentional way to summon the grim reaper: your cell phone.

An infographic from shows that American adults’ increasing obsession with their cell phones could cause serious consequences.

For example, people lose an average of 45 minutes of sleep each week due to cell phone use. Losing just one hour of sleep a night increases your risk of diabetes by 200 percent and your risk of heart disease jumps 48 percent.

How do cell phones cause people to lose nearly an hour’s worth of sleep? It may be telling that 63 percent of smart phone users visit a social network before bed, and 73 percent sleep with their phone on their bed.

Despite these hazards, tearing a smartphone out of a user’s hands might not be so easy.

  • Twenty-two percent of adults would rather forgo brushing their teeth than give up their cell phone.
  • Almost half (43 percent) of iPhone users would rather go shoeless for a week than give up their phone.
  • The average person looks at his cell phone 150 times a day. (That’s once every 6.5 minutes.)
  • Seventy percent of women and 60 percent of men suffer from “nomophobia,” or fear of losing their cell phone.

Take a look at the graphic for more: (View a larger image.)

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