Infographic: The golden oportunidad of marketing to Spanish speakers

The Hispanic population in the U.S. is now close to 60 million. If you’re not targeting your communications accordingly, it’s time to rethink your estrategia.

Como se dice, “missed opportunity?”

Many U.S. marketers are leaving money on the table by ignoring the needs, preferences and affinities of Spanish speakers. Besides being bad, narrow-minded business, neglecting a group with such formidable (and sharply rising) purchasing power flies in the face of demographic trends.

If you’re eager to reach Hispanics but you’re not sure where to start, MarketingProfs posted an infographic created by MotionPoint that offers helpful tips and reminders, such as:

  • More than 400 million people speak Spanish , making it the world’s second-most spoken language. (Mandarin Chinese is No. 1—at least until Dothraki or text emoji become the world’s new lingua franca.)
  • Spanish is the third-most used language on the internet.
  • Hispanics constitute about 20 percent of the U.S. population , but that number is expected to soar well north of 30 percent by 2060.
  • Reaching Spanish speakers is about much more than language. As the infographic says: “For younger Hispanics, language is less crucial than messages that establish an authentic respect for their unique culture and identity.”
  • Hispanics are increasingly active online, and they are a rising digital force. Eighty-three percent of U.S. Hispanics use a mobile device to conduct in-store product research.

If your business does not court and cater to Spanish speakers, you’re missing out on a massive marketing opportunity. However, don’t assume you can just plug content into Google Translate and be done. It’s more about “cultural fluency“—or at least taking the time to acknowledge the unique aspects, affinities and hallmarks of Hispanic culture.

For more, review the rest of the infographic below.

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