Infographic: The skills every content marketer needs

Content marketing involves more than just writing articles. The best content marketers have an eye for graphic design, search engine optimization, writing code and more.

You want to be a content marketer?

What you really mean is that you want to be part journalist, part Web developer, part graphic designer, part scientist, part search engine optimization expert…

Content marketers must be well-rounded, an infographic from Uberflip preaches. They have to pull skills from many industries, including:

Science: Experimentation is a large part of content marketing. Whether you’re building a landing page or launching a pay-per-click campaign, you must test every tactic to determine whether it works.

Writing: Creating content is obviously part of content marketing’s domain. The best content marketers are good with words and can write content that grabs attention.

Graphic design: Visual marketing is all the rage these days, and content marketers must have an eye for visually pleasing videos, infographics, photos, presentations and more.

Web design: If you understand basic HTML, CSS and other types of code and software, you’ll get a lot more done without having to consult the folks in IT.

Search engine optimization: There’s no point creating content if no one will see it. Content marketers must master Google’s algorithm to get their organizations’ content at the top of search results.

What other skills do content marketers need? Check out the rest of the list in the infographic below, and please share your thoughts in the comments section.

(View a larger image.)

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