Infographic: The top visual trends for 2015

A new infographic from Shutterstock reveals the latest trends in images and video. Apply a few to your next visual project.

You know visual content engages people better than text, helps people remember information and can help you tell your organization’s story better.

Now that everyone is jumping on the visual content bandwagon, it’s crucial that you not only produce visual content, but also ensure it’s better than everyone else’s.

To determine the top trends in images and video, Shutterstock recently analyzed which types of visual content its customers search for. It compiled the results in an infographic.

Consider applying some of these techniques in your next visual project:

Top image trends:

Blurred backgrounds: Text layered over blurred backgrounds is on the rise. In the last year, searches for “blur” increased 144 percent.

Linear images: Simple icons with straight lines are on the rise. Searches for “line icon” increased 921 percent in 2014.

Unique perspectives: Searches for “top view” went up 66 percent in the last year.

Top video trends:

  • Animation
  • Slow motion
  • Aerial
  • Fashion
  • Time lapse

Take a look at the infographic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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