Infographic: The ultimate guide to explainer videos—and why you need one

Explainer videos—short videos that tell an organization’s story—encourage online shoppers to buy more. Use this guide to craft the perfect one for your organization.

The number of Internet users who consume video has risen by 800 percent in the past five years.

Facebook is giving videos more visibility in the news feed, and 59 percent of executives say that if a Web page has both text and video, they’d rather watch the video.

These statistics, from an infographic by QuickSprout, help make the case for creating an explainer video.

Download this free white paper, “How to create videos employees love” to learn how to craft videos that captivate and engage your staff.

Explainer videos tell an organization’s story and describe how the brand’s products and services provide value. These videos are typically short (no longer than a minute or two), but according to the infographic, they can increase shopping cart contents by 174 percent.

The infographic lists 12 types of explainer videos, how much they cost and what makes them effective. It also shares case studies from organizations such as Dropbox and AirBnB.

Take a look:

(View a larger image.)

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