Infographic: Tips for better virtual presentations

As live event opportunities have transformed into digital events online, speakers must adapt in order to make a favorable impression and get all the networking benefits they once enjoyed.

How to prepare for a virtual conference as a speaker infographicIf your outreach strategy involved live business events and conferences, chances are you are pivoting to virtual gatherings.

Many organizations are moving their in-person networking and development sessions to online solutions, but for speakers to get the same return on their investment of time and energy, they will have to adapt to this new format.

Bannersnack has put together some tips for better virtual presentations in this handy infographic.

Some tips include:

  • Warm up your voice and o a practice run before going live.
  • Invest in lights and a camera for better presentation quality.
  • Prepare a shorter presentation.

See the full list of ideas by reading the full infographic.

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