Infographic: Tips for composing mobile-friendly emails

Use large fonts, compose concise subject lines, and don’t bury the call to action.

Your workforce may be diverse and dispersed, but your colleagues probably have at least one thing in common: heavy smartphone use.

We are increasingly tethered to the little gadgets in our pockets and purses, which serve as high-tech communication Swiss Army knives. Many conduct business exclusively on small screens. Unfortunately, companies are still struggling to perfect a mobile-first email strategy.

This issue affects more than just readability or user experience. Not prioritizing mobile design could be hurting your bottom line and hampering employee engagement. Constant Contact says, “Seventy-five percent of smartphone users are likely to delete emails that are not easily read on their mobile devices.”

An infographic created by WSI and published at Social Media Today offers tips to optimize email campaigns, including these:

  • Compose a concise subject line. Keep it snappy and compelling.
  • Put the most important information up top. Also, use subheads and bullet points to highlight crucial points.
  • Use a responsive template. There are plenty to choose from; test and tinker to see which ones work for you.
  • Have clean hierarchy and design, and include white space. The aesthetics are as important as the content.
  • Use larger fonts. Squinting squelches user experience.
  • Incorporate a strong, clearly visible call to action. What do you want people to do? Make your CTAs pop with prominent placement.
  • Test on multiple devices. Not all smartphones are created equal. Whenever possible, send test emails to people with devices of different screen sizes.

As long as email remains the preferred corporate messaging medium, mobile issues will persist. To make sure your emails have the best chance of being read by the greatest number of people, review the rest of the infographic below.

Don't Alienate Your Mobile Readers [Infographic] | Social Media Today

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