Infographic: Tips for topping YouTube’s search list

Standing out on the video platform can lead to massive consumer engagement, but the site is saturated with visual content. Here’s how to climb the ranks on the channel.

In a world dominated by visuals, YouTube reigns supreme.

Not only that, the popular video site looks poised to surpass Facebook as the second-most visited webpage in the U.S.

With 1 billion hours of content being watched every day, YouTube offers brand managers excellent opportunities to engage audiences in their favorite medium: video. However, more than 400 hours of content are uploaded to the site every minute, making it a highly competitive platform.

Therefore, it’s essential that your video ranks highly in its searches if you want to stand out among the massive number of videos hosted on the site.

This infographic from Digital Information World offers tips for optimizing your videos so that they land at the top of YouTube searches.

Tactics include:

  • Choose a compelling—but brief—title that uses popular keywords.
  • Create a one-of-a-kind, captivating thumbnail image.
  • Craft your own closed captions to pair with your video.

For more ways to give your videos an edge on the competition, see the full infographic above.

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