Infographic: Visual statistics marketers should know

Your content requires eye-catching imagery to break through the digital noise. Consider these insights.

The visuals you pair with your prose make a difference.

If audiences are hooked by your images or videos, engagement across digital channels can increase drastically. However, simply slapping any image on your content won’t cut it.

Venngage’s Nadya Khoja surveyed over 500 online marketers to find out how they were using visuals in 2018 and how they planned to adapt in 2019, and the results were compiled into this infographic.

According to the guide, stock photography (40%) is still the go-to visual format. However, original graphics such as infographics outperform all other visual types, with the next closest format (videos and presentations) receiving nearly 15% less engagement.

Additional insights include:

  • Only 17% of marketers surveyed said they spent more than 30% of their budget on visuals in 2018. However, the number who say they will spend more than 30% of their budget on visuals in 2019 is almost double (32%).
  • More than 40% of respondents wish they could automate design variations in their content efforts.
  • 86% of the marketers who claim blogging as part of their content strategy say that over 80% of their content includes at least one visual.

For more insight into how online marketers are using visuals to increase engagement, check out the full infographic.

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