It takes a cyber-village

Democrats and Republicans appeal to supporters with different Web tactics.

Democrats and Republicans appeal to supporters with different Web tactics

OK, come clean. You’ve changed the channel when your public TV station has asked for money, haven’t you? In turn, I’ll confess that I have turned the dial when NPR holds its pledge drive.

And we’re not alone. Who among us hasn’t groaned when someone is asking us for our hard-earned money, even if our kids do love Sesame Street?

So when the shoe is on the other foot, and our nonprofit needs donations or volunteers, we might shudder at the idea of asking for support.

When it comes to charities, fund-raising campaigns are a no-brainer: Just tell the stories of the people who will benefit from the donations: the elderly, the ill, the underprivileged.

But how do you ask for cash when your nonprofit is a huge national—or global—organization that might seem like it’s flush with dough? And how do you encourage volunteers to get involved and support your cause?

In this election year, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are answering those questions. But in some subtly different ways.

RNC entertains, entices voters

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