Lululemon co-founder: Some women’s bodies ‘don’t actually work’ for yoga pants

Former CEO Chip Wilson’s wife Shannon attempted to right the ship in a Bloomberg TV interview, but the damage was done.

Lululemon seems to be hopping straight from one crisis to another lately.

Just as the news was spreading that the athletic apparel company had given a $10,000 check to a charity that a Dallas store inadvertently insulted, its latest gaffe occurred. The company’s co-founder and former CEO, Chip Wilson, appeared on Bloomberg TV’s “Street Smart” to talk about problems with Lululemon’s yoga pants. In the spring, the company recalled some of its black pants for being too sheer, but complaints persist.

In his “Street Smart” appearance, Wilson said, “Frankly, some women’s bodies actually don’t work for it… It’s really about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure is there over a period of time, and how they much they use it.”

Co-founder Shannon Wilson, formerly Lululemon’s chief designer, jumped in for a quick save, saying the wearing down of the pants is really more about the surfaces someone sits on while wearing them, but her husband had already said that some women’s bodies are simply incompatible.

Here’s the video of the interview. Wilson’s comments start around 2:40.

Though a few commenters are defending Lululemon, many of the people who have recently posted to the company’s Facebook page are slamming the brand.

“Really, your pants are not made for all women? Well, [the] average size of an American woman is 12, so good luck! I will never buy your product again,” said one commenter.

The Huffington Post notes that Lululemon has been criticized for not making its apparel for plus-size women easy to find in stores.

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