Public Affairs & Speechwriting

New Strategies to Inform, Inspire and Influence

Tuesday, April 4, 2023
11a.m.-4 p.m. ET

  • Protect and promote reputation
  • Influence policy and opinions
  • Engage and inform stakeholders
  • Control crises with confidence
  • Ensure diversity and inclusivity
  • Connect, convince and compel with stories

Public affairs and speechwriting pros face an array of grand, new challenges after the past few years of disruption. Trust in our institutions has tanked. Stakeholder engagement has crashed. Economic concerns, worldwide developments and election cycles have all fueled uncertainty.

The good news: You can adjust to these evolving post-pandemic realities— and overcome uncertainties – by taking your skills, strategies and speeches to the next level. If you want to inform, inspire and even influence your various audiences while communicating your ideas and initiatives, Ragan’s Public Affairs & Speechwriting Conference will provide the path forward.

Join us for this fast-paced virtual conference to learn the latest public affairs strategies, speechwriting secrets and proven tactics you need to move missions, messages and masses.

Top things you’ll learn at this conference:

  • Persuasive storytelling in speeches: The new brain science behind storytelling — and how to craft story-driven speeches that move audiences to act.
  • Small speechwriting hacks for the big stage: Command words and phrases — plus easy speechwriting techniques for crafting clear, compelling and convincing messages.
  • Bridging the “Trust Divide”: Why your peers say rebuilding trust is their #1 challenge — and how to build it across the paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) spectrum.
  • Winning the “Purpose Revolution”: How to cultivate a human-centered framework when communicating social responsibility and speaking to timely, polarizing issues.
  • Culturally competent crisis plans: Managing risk and uncertainty with successful crisis plans while fostering a crisis-proof culture of resilience.
  • Agile public affairs strategies: How to inform and influence no matter what new challenge or opportunity arises — and adapt plans and processes on the fly.
  • Inclusivity matters: Ensure diversity effectively reaches all segments in your communities or stakeholder groups with culturally appropriate messaging.
  • New challenges, new tools: How to protect cybersecurity, navigate the latest Twitter upheaval or worse — and support your leadership on social media.

All attendees receive:

  • Speechwriters Inclusive Language Toolkit
  • Communicating Effectively with Elected Officials
  • The State of Government Affairs Industry Survey
  • Remote Lawmaking Changes the Game for Public Affairs (PRD)
  • Creating Successful Public Affairs Campaigns: The 5-Step Approach


Agenda will be announced soon.

The Top 5 things you’ll learn from this conference:

  • How to craft content beyond announcements and company news.
  • Cross-departmental ideas to build culture and pride in your company.
  • Tips for cascading communications effectively from leadership to managers and, finally, to employees.
  • Approaches for building or refining your Intranet to become an engaging employee experience.
  • Ways to measure everything you do and refine accordingly.


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Speakers will be announced soon.


You should register if you spend at least a quarter of your time in any of these areas:

Public Affairs • Executive Communications • Speechwriting • Government Relations • Public Information • Reputation Management • Crisis Communications • PR • Internal Communications • Issues Management • Social Media • Storytelling • Writing • Media Relations


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