The best ways to reach employees using mobile

Almost all of today’s workers own a smartphone or tablet—and probably both—so download this primer on mobile outreach, and keep it handy. It’s essential for reaching on-the-go staff.

Mobile is ingrained in your employees’ daily life—regardless of whether they work at a desk, on a factory floor, or in a hospital or retail department.

It’s simply the best way to reach your workforce.

That means you have to make changes. How you format a message isn’t the same for mobile as it for desktop. It’s time to initiate—or improve—your organization’s mobile outreach.

To help you, we’ve partnered with Red e App to develop a free download: “The 10 best ways to use mobile to engage employees.” This essential guide details how to ensure that your messages are mobile friendly.

You’ll learn, for instance, that mobile screens are well suited to present those vital facts and figures you want employees to remember.

“They’re good for stand-alone content,” says Susanne Frame, content strategist for IBM Interactive Experience. She works with IBM visual designers to present the numbers in such a way that they’ll be memorable and easily understood. “Think in terms of three or four large numbers that people can see—perhaps use a photo with the text.”

Easily scanned copy is also essential in mobile communication. In addition to short messages, employ some tricks to make sure the selected copy is easy to digest.

“I like some of the colored highlighting I’m seeing in online magazines—important text is highlighted in yellow or pink,” Frame says. She’s also a fan of using short, bulleted lists at the top of a story as a quick summary that invites further readership.

Glean even more practical tips when you download this tip sheet. You’ll learn:

  • How to make sure employees notice your mobile messages
  • The ideal length for messages
  • The limit for topics per message
  • The role of visuals, facts and stats
  • How to use analytics to measure which messages are read or ignored most often
  • And much more!

Download your free copy of “The 10 best ways to use mobile to engage employees.”

This article is in partnership with Red e App.

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