The smartest insights ever about public speaking

Mark Twain and Winston Churchill are but two of the luminaries who have spoken about speaking. Here are their insights, and what they mean to you.

Luckily, there are many who have walked the path of better speaking. Here are five of the smartest things ever said about public speaking to help you become a more passionate, connected, and successful speaker.

There are only two types of speakers in the world: (1) the nervous and (2) liars.

― Mark Twain

You’re nervous. I’m nervous. The most experienced speakers still get nervous. Let’s face it—you might never get over your public speaking anxiety. You can learn to cope, thrive, and fly to speaking success despite the stampede of horses in your stomach and your knocking knees.

Accept the nervousness as a natural part of caring your about your audience. My best tip to help you deal with those presentation jitters: Know your introduction. By the time your introduction is over, the adrenaline subsides and your nervousness will be behind you.

Ahhh, Winston, you cheeky minx, teasing us with such a great quotation. I often tell my clients to serve their audiences’ needs, but you can’t solve all their problems. Create interest and buzz in your talk, but keep it short. Like a beautiful woman in a sexy outfit, you don’t have to give all your secrets away. Now, if only someone would tell some of the Hollywood starlets this.

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