Top 10 social media measurement tips

Are you ready to see if all your hard work on the company’s social media profiles paid off? Measurement queen Katie Paine offers her tips.

So, you are doing social media.

I hope you follow my top 10 social media keys to success and keep your eyes out for my 10 social media mistakes to avoid.

But if you want to know if your social media efforts are working, and how you can demonstrate their value, follow these 10 social media measurement tips:

1. Take time to define your social media success. Get your managers and co-workers to agree on audiences, goals and measures of success.

2. Develop specific measurable goals and objectives. Remember: SMART objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

3. Measure engagement—comments, shares or any measure related to your organization’s goals—rather than old-school media metrics like eyeballs and advertising value equivalents.

4. Start small with an easy-to-handle project if you are just starting to measure social media.

5. Learn to measure results rather than activity.

6. Learn to measure influence rather than popularity.

7. Use measurement to connect your social media program with your organization’s goals.

8. Don’t use the term “return on investment” if you can’t use it in a strictly financial sense. Instead, express your results in terms of your organization’s goals.

9. Use your metrics to learn and improve. Don’t just wave them around to show you’ve been busy. Use them to develop a plan to get better results.

10. Use measurement to save you time. Learn how to not to waste it on efforts that don’t get results.

Katie Delahaye Paine is CEO of KDPaine & Partners and publisher of The Measurement Standard newsletter, where a version of this article originally appeared.

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