Want employees to read your emails? Learn these secrets

It’s within your grasp to get better email attention rates today. A free guide reveals all the essentials, from smarter subject lines to tricks for mobile design.

3 keys to email success

How many pixels can recipients view on a mobile email screen?

What five words in a subject line will boost your employees’ attention to your emailed news roundup?

A new download from PoliteMail and Ragan Communications, “3 strategic changes you must make now for email success,” answers these questions and provides other insights to help you prompt your staff to read your messages.

The good news is that these are changes any communicator can make. From subject line length to the number of words in your body text, find out precisely how to stop people from deleting vital information unread. Find out about:

  • Sender addresses and subject lines. How to grab readers’ interests from the moment your email lands in their inbox.
  • Body copy. Learn simple tricks of design that will keep employees reading.
  • Mobility. Even at their desks, employees are checking email on their phones. Are you making it difficult for them?

The guide features experts from PoliteMail, Pure Symmetry, CSG International, Baton Rouge General Hospital, Bayer U.S., Amazon, Assurance and Taylor Morrison.

“I have found both images and limiting words to be the most effective approach,” says Tracey Grove, owner of Pure Symmetry, a coaching and communications consulting company, as well as a former Microsoft communicator.

The guide offers specific ideas for making the most of mobile. “Mobile communication is imperative in today’s workforce,” says Karen Eckmann, head of corporate communication for CSG International and a member of Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council. “It is more distributed than ever. Workers aren’t tied to physical offices or workstations.”

Download your free guide, and you will learn:

  • One word you should move from the subject line to the “from” line on your email newsletter.
  • The importance of targeting relevant information to a narrow audience.
  • Why multiple emails can be better than a single, long email that nobody’s going to read through.
  • Just how to improve your use of images.
  • What one question you should ask yourself that will boost your emails’ readability overnight.
  • Tips for more direct instructions for employees opening your emails.
  • Three phrases to set expectations so staffers know what to look for when your emails pop up.
  • The value of sending out two or more tests before launching your email to your entire workforce.
  • How to make better use of the “from” line.
  • Precisely how many characters can be previewed in the subject lines on mobile and desktops.

The solutions are simple, and you can start enacting them with today’s outgoing messages. Download your free guide here.


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