Why (and how) your intranet can become a return-to-workplace linchpin

Comms practitioners share how they’re maximizing their hubs amid ongoing upheaval and uncertainty.

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Even in the best of times, workers deserve consistent messaging and crystal-clear expectations.

Right now, with so much lingering fear, anxiety, disconnection and ambiguity, clear marching orders are an essential matter of bottom-line importance. But how can comms pros rally the troops in an organized, compelling manner when the future of the workplace is so unclear? How can you reach diverse and dispersed employees, whether they’re working from home or back in the office? How can you maintain some semblance of company culture in a hybrid or remote environment?

It’s all about the intranet.

If you’re eager to maximize and streamline internal messaging, Simpplr’s new guide, “5 ways to make your intranet an indispensable return-to-work resource,” can get you up to speed. You’ll learn:

  • How to create a compelling intranet that serves as a helpful homebase your employees will love.
  • How other industry leaders are engaging workers right now.
  • Which return-to-work tactics and messaging you should prioritize.
  • Ways to proactively drive employees to the intranet.
  • How to craft smart, relevant and time-saving FAQs.
  • Why mental health, flexibility and well-being require your full attention.

Simpplr’s new download offers guidance and firsthand tips from pros who are working through the same challenges you’re encountering. By gleaning wisdom from counterparts representing diverse companies such as Hilti, Heifer International and CHG Healthcare, you’ll be able to gauge your own efforts—and perhaps find a few new ideas to try.

Simpplr’s guide provides a framework for sustainable intranet success and offers specific guidance on how to maximize your return-to-work content and strategy. If you’re eager to stem the tide of “The Great Resignation,” this is an essential read.

Download your free guide right now.


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