10 essential Twitter hashtags for internal communicators

Check out these # topics for industry-related news, advice and networking opportunities.

How do you find what you’re looking for amid the clatter of Twitter?

In August 2007, Twitter user @ChrisMessina posted this innocent, unnoteworthy tweet:

the invention of the hashtag

And communication was changed forever.

Before Twitter adopted the hashtag and built it into an essential online marker, no-one used the # key much. Now, it’s used 125 million times daily on the platform—and rival social media channels have assimilated it.

We internal communicators have plenty of great industry-related Twitter hashtags at our disposal—where we can find the latest must-know news, impart our innovative ideas and advice, and form stronger, beneficial relationships with our peers.

Here are our picks for the top 10 #internalcomms hashtags on Twitter:

1. #internalcomms

The primary industry hashtag hosts the very best of IC talent—with a smorgasbord of great advice, resources and industry updates. Top contributors: @AllthingsIC, @helendeverell, @JaneRevellIC, @kim_neverenough

2. #EmployeeEngagement

A host of content related to employee engagement can be found under this hashtag—on leadership impact, communication, psychology, organizational culture, industry trends and more. Top contributors:@ee_awards, @prconversations, @CrystalMJonas

3. #CommsChat

Every Monday evening, comms professionals share industry-related insights, advice and queries using this hashtag. With topics including internal comms measurement, delivering corporate content and preparing for change, #CommsChat can help you build relationships with other industry pros while learning something new. Top contributors: @commsceri, @ShaunRRogers

4. #ICBookClub

This new kid on the block is managed by CIPRInside and professional communicator Annique Simpson, and caters to internal communicators with a penchant for books. Each month, participants pick an industry book they’d like to read and discuss. Then they debate and converse about what they learned and what they disagreed with, and generally have a good old chin-wag while building on their knowledge and insights. Top contributors:@PaulSummerhill, @Advita_p

5. #ChuckChats

This is hosted by Chuck Gose, founder of ICology, and it puts internal communicators in the spotlight to chat about their experiences, insights and know-how. Top contributors: @bananatag

6. #comms

This broader hashtag covers news, facts and information about PR and marketing, as well as internal communications. It also features contributions by Helen Reynolds, who designs and posts rib-tickling and thought-provoking comms cartoons. Top contributors:@HelReynolds, @comms2point0

7. #futureofwork

This covers communication, employee engagement, leadership, digital technology, organizational culture and workplace practices, but from a future-facing perspective. It’s the place to go on Twitter for insights and predictions of what our future organizations might look like. Top contributors: @LOMBARDI_GLORIA

8. #HR

This encompasses all topics under the HR sun, from employee engagement and communication to recruitment and business strategy. It hosts content including advisory blogs, personal anecdotes and inspiring suggestions. Top contributor: @LollyDaskal

9. #employeeexperience

This touches on leadership skills, employee benefits, psychology, communication techniques, workplace tech and the connection between the employee and customer experience. Top contributors: @jacobm

10. #leadership

Pay this hashtag a visit for leadership advice, information on leaders’ impact on their organizations, or the odd inspiring quote to get you motivated and ready to face the day. Top contributors: @LollyDaskal

If you’re looking for a bonus hashtag, #KetchupQuestion examines your responses and thoughts about H&H’s weekly industry question featured in their Friday Ketchup email series.

Michael Hargreaves is the marketing coordinator at H&H Communications. A version of this post originally appeared on the H&H blog.


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