10 habits of successful social media community managers

Good community managers expect to work holidays, are perfectionists and love their brand advocates. Does this sound like you?

1. They are perfectionists.

Attuned to double and triple check every piece of content they schedule, these managers know how to nitpick to ensure false scheduling or typos don’t happen.

2. They are flexible with work hours.

Aware that no 8-to-5 work schedule actually exists, these powerhouse community managers are no stranger to checking Instagram or Facebook when they get phone notifications during happy hour or a friend’s birthday party.

3. They are social in nature.

This is obvious, but true. Being chatty, inquisitive and outgoing must seamlessly translate from the digital world to the real world.

4. They can be worrywarts.

Their hearts stop when a negative post appears on their social media channels, but they already have a positive plan of attack.

5. They think in 140 characters or fewer.

Successful social media community managers have mastered the art of succinct, witty content that gets the point across. (They usually include a link and/or photo, as well, to tell the full story).

6. They know they can’t just unplug and take a vacation.

Taking a vacation and completely unplugging causes minor panic and anxiety. To them, a vacation means they’ll check their pages only two or three times per day.

7. They genuinely love their brand advocates.

Whether or not they’ve met the brand influencers in person—or ever will—they hold a special place in their hearts for these fans. They know the brand advocates have the brand’s best interests in mind when it faces trolls or complainers. It’s nice to know you have loyal fans in your corner.

8. They refresh their social media newsfeeds obsessively.

They never want to miss a beat, and always crave the next piece of published content.

9. They speak in hashtags.

Whether they are serious or mocking themselves and the social lingo, community managers have hopped on the hashtag bandwagon. They brand competitors’ PR nightmares with #fail, or take #selfies at concerts with friends.

10. They love their jobs!

Despite the late nights, interrupted happy hours, anxiety over PR nightmares and permanent kinks in their necks from constantly scrolling through smart phone apps and newsfeeds on the go, they love social media and the fans they engage with every day-holidays, weekends and vacations included.

Carrie Peterson is the social media director at Internet Marketing Inc. (IMI), a full-service digital marketing agency in San Diego. Follow Carrie on Twitter at @CarrieSavvy.


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