10 myths of employee recognition and rewards

Cash isn’t the best reward, and recognition doesn’t have to be expensive. Read on to see if you’ve fallen for any of these other myths about rewarding employees.

When you recognize your employees, you advance your business objectives. Here is a list of 10 recognition and reward myths—debunked:

  1. Employee recognition is best given at an annual awards show.
  2. Cash is the best reward.
  3. Employee salaries should be reward enough.
  4. Determining how to recognize someone is the first step of appreciation.
  5. Appreciation and recognition are the exclusive territory of HR.
  6. Appreciation and recognition are only for the elite.
  7. Recognition takes time and energy.
  8. Recognition is expensive.
  9. Appreciation requires tight controls.
  10. Appreciation is a soft skill with no measurable business metrics.

Learn more about the reality behind these myths.

Recognizing employees is a powerful, strategic way to advance the business objectives most critical to your organization’s success. Overcome these myths to arrive at the truth about the role of employee recognition.

What other myths do you see in recognition practices?

Derek Irvine is vice president of client strategy and consulting services at Globoforce. He blogs at Recognize This!, where a version of this article originally ran.

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