10 photo-editing tools for community managers

Your audience craves visual content. These free tools will help you create the kind of images that will nourish those cravings.

People are talking about the image-powered Web—the notion that Internet users prefer the most efficient and engaging methods of communication. Instagram has helped fuel this trend, and now we’re seeing apps like Frametastic create mini-montages to help tell visual stories in even more detail. Take, for example, the image below, which is featured on LeBron James’ Facebook page. As a result of this movement, content curators and community managers must equip themselves with a series of new tools to meet this demand. With that in mind, here are the photo-editing tools that will help community managers create the visual content their audiences crave. They’re free, although some require registration. These sites will come in handy if you don’t have access to Photoshop, which is considered the most powerful software for editing images. The top five … 1. Pixlr Express You will fall in love with Pixlr Express quickly. For former users of Picknik, which was acquired by Google, Pixlr Express is the perfect substitute. It enables you to create multi-frame images, add layers, manipulate special effects, and much more. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use. If you make one of these tools your default photo editor, make sure it’s Pixlr. 2. Wigiflip RoflBot This tool can help you create meme-style captioned images in a matter of seconds. Why is this important? Just take a look a the “Ted” (the film) Facebook page, and you’ll get all the proof you need. Simply head to Wigiflip RoflBot, upload your master image, and add your desired text. Use wisely. 3. Phixr When you arrive at Phixr.com, you might think you’ve landed on a simple, almost cheap looking site. But get past the initial appearance and you’ll find another photo editor that will make your life easier and your communities happier. This one also gives you the classic meme-style options, including the always-popular poster template. 4. BeFunky BeFunky.com is another all-in-one option that enables you to make basic edits, apply artistic effects, and add graphics, shapes, speech bubbles, and text. 5. Pixisnap If you want to create a montage or Polaroid tiles from a single picture, Pixisnap should be in your arsenal. (Keep in mind that it’s still in beta.) Best of the rest … 6. Citryfy is a photo “enhancer” that can improve blemishes and other imperfections. 7. FotoFlexer is an advanced photo editing site/tool. 8. DrPic is a basic all-in-one editor. 9. PhotoVisi is another solid photo collage maker. 10. PinWords will instantly add text to your images. A version of this story first appeared on AdamVincenzini.com. (Image via)


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