10 steps to a better PR personal brand

Who knew ‘personal branding’ in PR was such a young, mysterious, yet arcane branch of study? One PR pro lays down his imperatives for managing your image.

Many PR pros are new to the concept of a personal brand.

Before you dive in, here are a few rules. Also, how to take the first steps to perfect your personal brand:

1. Get a professional headshot

Your new professional image starts with your image. Squinching (‘ . . . narrowing the eyes by tightening your lower eyelid and letting the top eyelid drop down just a bit”), smiling and dressing sharp make you more competent, likable and influential.

2. Be discoverable online

Someone somewhere will search for you. Use your real name on the internet, Optimize your social media profiles for discovery!

3. Develop a professional purpose

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What helps you be better at what you do? A purpose means way more than drawing a paycheck.

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4. Learn to listen and empathize

To have a well-rounded personal brand, you need to strike the balance between what you know and what you have yet to learn.

5. Practice writing

Think before you share your thoughts online. Hone your writing skills.

6. Reengineer your digital presence

Keep your social profiles up to date. Add social channels to all your professional touch points.

7. Analyze competitors

Understand what other people in your niche do, say and how successful they are.

8. Craft a personal statement

Include your audience, mission and value. Avoid using buzzwords!

9. Embrace your experience

We all have great experience and stories. Start weaving a complete professional narrative!

10. Be social by design

Use social media tactics to boost discoverability, speaking engagements, in-person interaction, and more.

Mel Carson is the founder of Delightful Communications, a Seattle marketing, social media, PR and personal branding consulting agency. He’s a keynote speaker and author of Introduction to Personal Branding. Follow him on Twitter: @MelCarson and LinkedIn.

(“Branding” by EdgeThreeSixty TM via / CC BY 2.0)

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