10 struggles that social media managers face

The work of a community manager is never over—and it’s tougher than it might seem. See if you relate to these tweets.

No, it is not that easy.

Launching a social media campaign does not end with publishing content and hoping for the best. You can’t just wish that your campaign becomes a success and that your content goes viral.

According to eMarketer, 88 percent of companies are using social media to perform marketing strategies in different capacities. This means your social media campaign ideas have to stand out or risk being irrelevant, bordering on pathetic.

Have you ever launched a campaign that landed on the “epic social media fails” list? Twitter is a top social networking platform to win over customers, mostly through hashtags and exclusive discounts.

Do you know what else you could use Twitter for? It is a trove of some of the funniest words of wisdom that will describe your not-so-effective social media campaigns. They’re so funny, it’s going to hurt.

Here are 10 of them:

1. You don’t matter. Period.

Unfortunately, this also applies to your social media campaign—that one campaign so awful that you don’t even remember what it was (or you at least try not to)? Being forgettable is among the worst nightmares of any company in the social media marketing scheme.

Imagine putting out all that effort and getting nothing back. Among the goals of social media marketing are brand awareness, online presence and audience engagement. If people can’t remember what you did, you might as well forget all these.

2. You’re losing your timing.

Terrible time management is among the many reasons social media campaigns fail. Timing is everything on social media. You should know when to push the buttons. You should know when to post what. You should know when your customers are online. It is important to set schedules when mapping out a social media marketing strategy; consistency is essential to success.

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3. Your content is just plain awful.

It is as obvious and as difficult as this. Social media posts just don’t go viral, in as much as photos don’t just automatically look good even with a great camera. Even with strong, highly influential social media platforms, there is no guarantee your campaign will be effective.

Invest in content creation. A pool of talent must consistently come up with relevant, interesting content. Regardless of the evolution of platforms, it is the quality of content that matters.

4. Your call to action fails.

What are you expecting from your social media campaign? Do you wish to have more followers, generate leads, increase website traffic or jack up revenue?

Maybe your campaign failed to deliver these results. Have a clear plan and an even clearer call to action. Find ways to get the results you want, such as linking back to a website or offering exclusive privileges.

5. You’re trying to force relevance at every turn.

NFL’s Seattle Seahawks posted a photo of one of the team members with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr. that says: ” Take the first step in faith. You dont have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Here’s some context: The Seahawks posted that tweet the day after they earned a trip to their second consecutive Super Bowl, which coincided with MLK Day. Considered one of the worst social media campaigns, the tweet compared winning a football game with that of the struggle of the civil rights movement. Fail.

The moral of the story: Don’t force a connection when that connection clearly doesn’t exist. This isn’t relevance; it’s just downright lame and ridiculous.

6. Who are you again?

Photo courtesy of Michael Ian Black via Twitter

One persistent social media marketing tip is the importance of knowing what your brand is and the story behind it. If you have no idea of who you are, throw that social media campaign out the window. It’s not going to fly.

According to Propelrr, a digital marketing agency, building brand equity is mostly about having a narrative and how it can fit your audience. Find your voice, get one solid message out, and don’t mess with your brand.

7. Your creativity has hit a dead end.

There is no way you can thrive in social media marketing if you are not creative. In an ever-evolving platform such as the social media, you have to learn how to adapt and still make a difference. Learn new techniques, and keep an open mind.

8. What s the takeaway?

Social media should be useful. If you publish content that has no use whatsoever, do not expect it to do much. Always give helpful information; even hashtags should serve a purpose.

9. Now, you re just lying.

Do not lie, ever. Some epic social media fails are those that can’t even quote the right person or attribute the right source. Fact-checking shouldn’t be so hard these days, so please use Google. Also, the greater challenge is not to lie about your brand. Don’t let people believe you are this and that, when you’re not. When people find out, and they eventually will, it’s going to be ugly.

10. You’re not standing out from the crowd.

It is a virtual jungle out there. If you want your social media campaigns to fly, never settle. Don’t just ride the trends; win them, and dare to be different. Make your brand the one that has everybody questioning why they haven’t thought of this or that. Be visionary.

The above amusing 140-character posts of wisdom say a lot about social media marketing; just make sure the joke’s not on you.

Aby League is a writer, researcher and the owner of the AboutPossibilities blog. Connect with her on Twitter: @abyleague.

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