10 surefire signs you’re an internal communicator

Do you dream in PowerPoint and spend more time fixing the intranet than employees do using it? Yep, you’re an internal communicator.

You know you’re an internal communicator if:

1. You joke that your team is the mug and T-shirt shop for corporate initiatives.

2. Where others see a traffic light, you see a balanced scorecard.

3. You know what it really means when someone leaves the company to “pursue other opportunities.”

4. You think—and sometimes dream—in PowerPoint.

5. You think a “walking deck” would be more fun if it had more to do with a cruise ship and less with No. 4.

6. You wonder how those who came before you survived in primitive times, otherwise known as the pre-SurveyMonkey era.

7. You would gladly stop using “operationalize” if someone had a suitable alternative.

8. You worry that someday your company’s town halls might actually be as exciting as the ones on TV.

9. You can spell “tchotchke.”

10. You spend more time fixing the intranet than employees do using it.

Tamara Snyder is a vice president with Edelman Employee Engagement. She blogs at Internal Monologue, where a version of this article originally appeared.

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