10 terrific online tools for writers

From blogging platforms to cloud storage to nuggets of inspiration, these can help streamline or fortify your creative process.

Here is a list of great tools that writers can use. Some are online writing tools; others are blogging platforms on which a writer can construct a text post.

1. Google Docs

If you have a desktop-based whiteboard, there is a good chance that Google Docs can replace it. (You might wish to keep your desktop program, though, so you can work without an Internet connection.) It’s helpful for creating and managing documents online, especially if you are in an Internet café or are using someone else’s computer system.

2. Microsoft Office Web

This does not offer all the functions that Microsoft Office does, but it does have all the familiar functions that Word users demand. It is easy to use and will be the choice of most Microsoft Word fans.

3. ThinkFree Office Write

This application, which you can use online, has all the features of Google Docs, plus a few others. Its feel and simplicity make some people uncomfortable; others feel it offers greater freedom than most.

4. Adobe Buzzword

This device has the now-standard writing features you might expect. The visual environment of Buzzword has the signature feel of any Adobe product.

5. Zoho Writer

This tool is similar to Google docs, except that it can be used independently instead of being integrated into a bigger device, as Google Docs is.

6. PicoWrite

This is good for writers wishing to engage in wordplay, and for creative writers or people who may simply be looking for inspiration.

7. WordPress.org

This blogging platform offers a content management system to help you create a blog, which you can write within that system.

8. Movable Type

This writing tool works well as a business blogging platform. It has a management system for multiple users, and it offers enhanced customization.

9. TypePad

This blogging tool helps you to write blog posts and put your information into those blog posts, so you can advertise revenue sharing and the like.

10. Squarespace

This visual blogging tool enables you to create your blog quickly and easily.

Meghan Ivarsson is a writer for an educational portal, Scholar Advisor, which contains a lot of useful tips on essay writing, essay checker, essay samples, and writing guides.


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