10 tips to smash writer’s block

Set a timer, make a list, and break down big tasks into bite-size messaging morsels.  Above all, don’t let perfectionism slow you down.

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10 tips to smash writer's block

 You have something to write.

You are fully aware that this content will not write itself. You know the subject matter better than anyone, so you’re the right person—maybe the only person—for the job.

Still, you struggle. You show up at the page or screen, and nothing happens. Frustrated, you walk away. Later, you’re reluctant to go back. You find umpteen reasons to avoid writing.

But then what? Are you willing to see your project stall or stop? Is that even an option?

Probably not. You can’t afford to stay stuck.

Some people call this “writer’s block.” But that term is unhelpful.

Claiming “writer’s block” is an excuse, as if you’re a victim of some short- or long-term disability that keeps you from the page. Nonsense. What you’re facing is a temporary situation—a problem over which you have complete control.

If I’m feeling stuck or find myself in a state of chronic procrastination, I break the negative cycle by starting a positive one. Here are 10 simple ways to get unstuck:

1. Allow imperfections.

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