10 ways to impress your industry’s influencers

“Butter them up” and “follow their followers” are just a few ways to get the attention of the people who can launch your press release to success.

Press release optimization involves a number of factors. You have to be sure the release reaches someone who will actually read it, dig it, and use it.

When you send a press release, you have to appeal to two different audiences. One is the group of consumers you hope to sway, and the other is the all-important collection of influencers who will dictate how far your release spreads.

Who are the definitive voices in your industry? You know, the people that other people listen to—the ones at the cool kids’ table? If you don’t know who these people are, you should. If you do know and want to attract their attention, have you thought about how to boost your press release’s optimization so you can turn their heads?

While there are discussions about which tactic will get you more online attention—SEO or social media—reality is that the foundation of online success is relationships.

Try to create relationships with customers, but be equally as committed to building them with the cool kids who may just send your press release into stratospheric success.

Check out these 10 ways to influence the people who can control your press release’s success:

1. Figure out where the cool kids are.

You need a clear view of who controls the flow of information in your industry. Subscribe to those people’s blogs, follow them on Twitter, and attend conferences where they’re speaking.

2. Butter them up.

I don’t mean to be trite, but the truth is that people like people who think they’re cool. Don’t go overboard, but be familiar enough with these influencers’ personalities and perspectives to comment on and share their wisdom. Give them credit when you reference their knowledge.

3. Follow their followers.

If somebody has several thousand subscribers to his blog, chances are that some of the people following him are pretty smart, too. If you comment and retweet content that reflects your thought leader’s audience, it’s a pretty good bet your guy is going to get wind of it.

4. Chase those they follow.

Your influencer is powerful for a number of reasons, one of them being that he’s up on everything going on in his corner of the Web. How does he stay abreast of the important news and trends? He probably follows a few rock stars, too. Find them.

5. Get friendly.

Thought leaders on the Web are incredibly busy, but don’t let that stop you from reaching out and initiating a relationship with them. Give them news they can use. You might get lucky when you provide a helpful whitepaper or offer added research to their favorite topic.

6. Join the discussion.

More often than not, the people who command our attention are eager to hear our reaction. Whenever you have the opportunity to speak up and participate, do it. Just don’t overdo it.

7. Use the words they use.

Here is the wonder of search engine optimization. Every online marketer worth his salt knows that keywords are the basis of press release optimization. If the journalist or blogger you follow has a specific lexicon, use that language in your posts, tweets and blogs to show him you are on the same page.

8. Like them on Facebook.

It may seem simple, but liking someone is an easy way to show you like him. Even better, your like or share shows that you feel his opinions are worthwhile for others.

9. Stay connected.

You may not get much of a response initially, but remain respectfully engaged to continue to have the spark of connection. Say something worthwhile when you contribute to a conversation. Inane comments in posts and discussions won’t move you in the right direction, but press release optimization combined with relevant messages will.

10. Give them a shout out.

Don’t forget the old fashioned ways of getting in touch. Give the person a call, or write to introduce yourself. Just remember, she will naturally think, “What does this guy want?” Answer that question with a resounding, “To help you do your job better.”

Although the Internet has changed many of the ways PR pros do business, a fundamental principle still applies-writers need information to craft their content. Be a friendly and trustworthy source and you’ll be more likely to see a cool kid’s name pop up on your phone when it rings.

Stacey Acevero is the social media community manager of PRWeb. A version of this article originally ran on PRBreakfastClub.

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