12 excellent tools to power PR efforts

Get ahead of the competition and increase your effectiveness when sharing content online, finding and working with influencers, pitching journalists, writing copy and more.

The time-intensive tasks on a PR pro’s to-do list often outnumber the hours in a workday.

That’s where tools can come in, but with so many providers vying for your attention (and budget dollars), how do you know which will significantly help you achieve your objectives?

Here are 12 that can help you perfect your media relations, boost your social media success, write better copy or craft outstanding content:

Media relations


Tailoring pitches to the right publications and reporters can make or break your media relations efforts—but selecting the right people to target requires research.

Anewstip helps you monitor news articles and tweets about your brand, competitor or relevant keywords, and it offers access to its database of news media members and pitch templates. The tool indexes “more than 200 million news articles and 1 billion tweets from more than 1 million media contacts,” which gives users many opportunities to find and pitch the right journalist.

Price: Free for limited searches and features; premium plans start at $69 per month.


Though Mixmax is an “account-based sales automation platform,” its features can help PR pros keep tabs on their media outreach efforts. The tool’s email tracking will let you know when your email has been opened—or who opened it, if you send it to several reporters.

You can also schedule interviews with ease by sending an email with a list of open times in your calendar, use templates that help you insert eye-catching graphics and write emails to send later. You can even recall emails, if you want to further edit after you hit “send.”

Price: Plans start at $9 per month.


Compile visually stunning media coverage reports with CoverageBook: The tool helps you compile analytics, screenshots and media clips for certain clients, campaigns or time periods without the hours it takes to search and find media mentions.

Users can also access a coverage report and tailor it on the fly to present in meetings or to prove ROI to bosses and clients.

Price: Plans start at $99 per month.

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Social media


User Followerwonk to uncover information about your followers—including geographics and times they tweet—as well as to connect with influential social media users in specific niches.

Along with analyzing and search features, users can also see how their content is received by followers, so you can better optimize what you share to attract more eyeballs (and clicks).

Price: Free for limited features; premium plans start at $29 per month.


If your social media strategy could benefit from being more integrated with your traditional PR and marketing campaigns, CoSchedule can help. You can collaborate with co-workers and assign tasks or add comments to projects, all on one cross-functional calendar.

The tool also lets you craft your social media content and schedule it through its interface, and it provides regular reports on your efforts.

Price: Plans start at $40 per month.


Mashfeed enables users to create collections from hashtags and favorite social platform feeds. For example, you can craft a list that includes Twitter feeds from your favorite technology journalists and bloggers, along with applicable hashtags and content from top tech influencers on YouTube and Instagram.

You can also follow other users’ curated content lists or track your organization’s social media content campaigns with hashtags and keywords.

Price: Free.


AP Stylebook Online

AP Stylebook’s latest edition included about 200 new or revised entries—including an entire chapter on data journalism. Communicators know the importance of using proper AP style, but keeping up with changing rules can be tough.

Enter AP Stylebook online. The tool gives you access to updates as they are made, and you can access it from your desktop or mobile device through AP Stylebook’s app. You can search for terms (without knowing which specific entry might cover your inquiry), ask editors questions, use pronunciation guides and add your own entries.

Price: Yearly subscriptions start at $28.


To effectively reach your audiences, you should write in their language—and produce copy that’s easy for them to consume. Readable.io lets you plug in your writing and then gives you several readability scores, including an average grade level and Coleman-Liau Index.

It also highlights keyword densities and your text’s sentiment, and it gives you letter, word and syllable counts along with other composition analytics. From there, you can break up long sentences, translate jargon and other complex phrases, cut passive voice and excise clichés.

Price: Free, but prices for premium features start at $5 per month.


Though many PR pros will write an executive’s quote for a newsletter or press release, you might also be tasked with transcribing an interview for your organization’s newsroom or a blog post. oTranscribe can help make that task less cumbersome.

The tool works on desktop computers and enables you to fast-forward, rewind and pause without switching between programs—or even taking your hands off the keyboard.

Price: Free.

Content marketing


Though well-written and interesting content is what will attract readers, employing search engine optimization best practices will help your content rank higher on search engines and get in front of potential viewers.

SEMrush conducts an SEO audit and helps you find ideas to grab more organic traffic. Get analytic information, a backlinks audit and more—which can help you pinpoint what is attracting website traffic, and what tactics you should drop.

Price: Plans start at $99 per month.


Though many content marketing articles and tool lists focus on external efforts, internal and corporate communicators must get their messages out to individuals across the organization—which isn’t an easy feat.

Curculate.it helps you create a daily newsletter that’s curated with news, blog posts and other relevant articles—and your employees can share each item on social platforms without leaving the message. That can help your organization keep up with current trends and increase your internal social advocacy efforts.

Price: Plans start at $9 per month.


Want Adobe Photoshop features without the cost? Enter Photopea: The photo editor enables users to open and edit files from Photoshop, Gimp and Sketch. You can convert between image formats and use a variety of features to enhance your images.

Price: Free, but premium accounts start at $5 per month.

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