12 incredibly useful infographics on social media

It’s the year of the infographic. Here are 12 beautiful examples.

One of the most useful trends is the growth of the infographic—a visual representation of information or data, according to Wikipedia.

A well-planned infographic can pack loads of information into an easily digestible format.

Not only are the best ones informative, but also creative works of art. Click the titles below for links to the infographics listed:

1. 7 Reasons to Embrace Online Culture

This is a great piece to use in a pitch to the C-suite on adopting social media. It’s bright, modern, and fun, and the eye flows easily from stat to stat.

2. What is the ROI of Your Mom?

The title of this infographic was inspired by a classic quip from social media strategist Gary Vaynerchuk in response to a question about the ROI of social media.

3. How to Grow Your Twitter Following

Twitter marketing 101 with a well thought-out and colorful artwork. All the top tips are contained in this one piece.

4. How to Twitter

A Twitterpedia of information coupled with gorgeous graphic design. Need to know what a #hashtag is? They’ve covered that.

5. The Biggest Shift Since the Industrial Revolution

At two-years-old, this one is “vintage” by Internet standards, and the creators have taken it off their site. The statistics on this one are out of date, but the thought process is still great.

6. A Case Study in Social Media Demographics

In this infographic, the various social networks are planets and the demographics of their users are planets rotating around them. It’s pure genius.

7. The Internet Justice League

Interesting left Twitter out of this one. Perhaps they weren’t sure if Twitter was a hero or nemesis? Either way, it’s another brilliant theme that easily paints a picture of the social media landscape.

8. How Are Smartphones Being Used?

This one is beautiful in its simplicity—the perfect backdrop for mobile phone stats.

9. What About Me?

An interesting mash-up of your Facebook and Twitter use pulled into an infographic form.

10. Tweetsheet

Similar to Intel’s “What About Me,” Tweetsheet only focuses on your Twitter use. It “showcases revealing details from your tweetstream, including: top followers, geographic impact, most-retweeted posts, and more.”

11. Twitterize Yourself: Faceoff

Another app to create an infographic about your Twitter use. The twist? You can choose another user to “face off.” Interesting way to see how your competition stacks up.

12. Mad Men in the Modern Tech World

Filled with eye-catching art and a retro feel, the beauty of this infographic is in the juxtaposition of old and new. Some may argue this one isn’t all that useful, but it might be a good way to help newcomers to social media understand the differences between platforms.

Now, these are just social media related infographics. There are also some gorgeous works created about the human body, money saving techniques, and decision-making skills. It underscores the desire for information to be easily digestible—and that it’s a new art form.

Anita Hovey is commonly referred to as the Head Twirp. By day she’s a mild-mannered (NOT) social media consultant and trainer at her own company Twirp Communications. By night she’s a paper crafting super hero. Find Anita on Pinterest, too. A version of this story first appeared on the 12 Most blog.


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