16 questions to ask employees about their managers

In your next staff engagement survey, pose more pointed, specific queries to uncover valuable insights about supervisor performance (and worker satisfaction).

16 survey questions

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Many workplace factors affect turnover and engagement, but managers are arguably the most crucial piece of the productivity pie.

That’s why your employee survey should incorporate nuanced, specific questions about manager performance and communication.

To uncover more substantial insights about how your managers are doing, ask these 16 questions, segmented below by topic, in your next employee engagement survey:

Role clarity and feedback

  • Do you regularly receive constructive performance feedback from your manager?
  • Do you understand how your performance is measured?

Personal and professional development

  • Do you think your manager cares about you as a person?
  • Does your manager recognize the importance of your personal and family life?
  • Does your manager care about your development?
  • Do you and your manager discuss your career within this organization?

Manager communication

  • Does management clearly communicate expectations?
  • Does your manager effectively deliver essential information?
  • Does management explain the reasons behind its decisions?
  • Do managers handle disagreements professionally?
  • Does your manager explain how the organization’s plans affect you?

Manager trust and respect

  • Does your manager create a trusting and open environment?
  • Does your manager treat everyone on the team fairly?
  • Is your manager responsive to your ideas, requests and suggestions?

Manager acumen and skills

  • Are you confident in the overall effectiveness of your direct supervisor?
  • Does your manager have the expertise and ability to help you and your team succeed? 

Managers and employees must understand how to give and receive feedback. It starts by asking the right questions.

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