17 inspiring and clever headlines

Do you struggle to know where to begin your post? Take your cue from these exciting headlines that grabbed audience attention with flair.

17 headline examples

One reason many communicators chose this industry is that it offers a broad range of writing assignments. From writing the CEO’s blog to press releases to white papers to advertising copy, there is no end of engaging challenges.

Yet, there are always the assignments that you dread, the assignments that leave you wondering at what point in your career you became a hack. For me, that assignment is headline writing.

Rather than feeling discouraged about my inability to generate a clever headline, I look to others for inspiration. I recently found several lists of delightfully clever headlines.

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Here are some of the best of the best, the kinds of headlines that writers may wait a lifetime to write and post (or publish):

  1. Headless body in topless bar
  2. Oh hail no
  3. The liar, the witch, and the wardrobe
  4. Kiss your asteroid goodbye
  5. Flu york city
  6. Hospital sued by 7 foot doctors
  7. Iraqi head seeks arms
  8. War dims hope for peace
  9. Red tape holds up new bridges
  10. Cemetery residents making a comeback
  11. No loop for you: City says no to road expansion
  12. City council runs out of time to discuss shorter meetings
  13. Big rig carrying fresh fruit crashes on 210 freeway, creates jam
  14. Underwear bandit caught, admits brief crime spree
  15. Farmer baaa-ffled after hundreds of sheep branded with smiley face
  16. Hot dog vendor relishes his job
  17. There will be hell toupee

What are some of your favorite headlines, Ragan/PR Daily readers? Add your picks in the comments.

Laura Hale Brockway is a writer and editor from Austin, Texas. Read more of her posts on writing and word play on PR Daily and at impertinentremarks.com.


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