18 ways to craft the perfect LinkedIn presence

More than 414 million people are on the social media platform, and communicators who take advantage of it can garner many networking and career opportunities. Here’s how to make your profile shine.

At a recent tech conference, a group of us who had just been introduced to each other got to that do-you-have-a-card stage in the conversation where we knew we would like to follow up.

None of us did, but we all remarked that we were findable enough on LinkedIn with just our names and our company info. LinkedIn has killed the business card.

The experience highlighted for me the importance of keeping my LinkedIn profile current and optimized.

The third most popular social network has grown to more than 414 million users—a quarter of which are in the United States alone.

So, how can you optimize your LinkedIn account to ensure that you set yourself apart from the millions? Truconversion has your answer—rather, 18 of them—all compiled in the handy infographic below.

How have you perfected your LinkedIn profile, Ragan readers?


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