2016’s top digital marketing trends

Veteran PR and marketing pros have watched communications and technology change drastically over the last several years. This infographic showcases the newest strategies and tactics that communicators should embrace.

Step back for a moment and consider how marketing trends have evolved since 2010.

That’s the year I transitioned from journalism to content marketing. Mobile wasn’t really part of our conversation because no one knew how to do it. We were still trying to sell our clients on why they should be using Twitter and Facebook.

Marketing pros have evolved well past that point. Current trends have emerged that portend a future where brand storytelling could be unrecognizable in less than a decade.

For now, Speakerbox has identified six marketing trends that you should be watching in 2016:

1. Video content

2. The importance of mobile communications

3. Rise of virtual reality

4. Interactive content

5. Live streaming

6. Location services and the Internet of Things

For more on these trends, check out the infographic below:


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