21 keys to create an inviting, exciting website

Today’s fickle clickers simply won’t abide anything less than a seamless, lightning-fast user experience. Follow this guidance to enhance your online presence and avoid costly mistakes.

A website that’s dull, clunky or just plain junky can be a death sentence for your business.

To help you on your quest toward greater digital glory, Feldman Creative has an infographic packed with 21 keys to build a successful website.

The tips open with the “five focal points” every site should prioritize, including:

  • Visibility, to please human visitors and search engines
  • Usability, to deliver a seamless surfing experience
  • Credibility, to gain visitors’ trust
  • “Sellability,” to achieve specific outcomes
  • Scalability, to accommodate ongoing expansion

The infographic shares more rock-solid web design guidance—which applies to intranets and internal micro-sites, too, by the way—including these universal tidbits:

  • Forge a plan. Before sinking wads of cash into a shiny new website, ask, “What’s the main purpose of the website? Who’s it for?” As the infographic states: “Document a plan that defines your target audience and specific objectives.”
  • Make it speedy. Google now penalizes plodding, lethargic websites. Frequently put your pages through a speed test to weed out slow-loading content.
  • Be clear, clean and concise. Kill clutter and confusion by communicating clearly on every page. Use prominent calls to action, and don’t overstuff your website with hefty chunks of text.
  • Be human, and build trust. According to the infographic: “Your website is far more likely to create emotional connections when you show pictures of people.” In addition to emotional, visceral imagery, build trust by offering “social proof,” such as testimonials, reviews and customer success stories.

Your visitors formulate a judgment about your business within seconds of viewing your website. What kind of first impression are you making? See the full infographic for more guidance.


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