25 Twitter header photos to inspire you

If you’re one of the many brands still determining how to use Twitter’s new feature, take a look at these examples for inspiration.

Twitter recently unveiled its new header image, which is very similar to the cover image on Facebook’s Timeline. This is relatively—I stress “relatively”—big news for brands, right?

But since the unveiling, we haven’t really seen a lot of brands using the header image. OK, I’ve see the Ryan Seacrest example about 4 million times. We get it. Ryan Seacrest is creative. Enough already.

What’s interesting is how many brands have not updated the Twitter header image yet. I thought brands would welcome the opportunity, but maybe not. Maybe brands are taking their time to get their header images just right with their creative teams. Or, maybe many are waiting to see what other brands will do.

If that’s the case, here are 25 examples I’ve seen so far:

1. Clif Bar

2. CME Group

3. Delta

4. Domino’s

5. eBay 6. Etsy 7. Ford

8. Gatorade 9. Google Analytics

10. Home Depot

11. HubSpot 12. Lululemon

13. Marvel 14. MTV 15. NASA

16. Pandora

17. Red Bull

18. Snapple

19. Sony Electronics

20. Southwest Airlines 21. Starbucks

22. Taco Bell

23. Threadless

24. Twitter

25. Virgin America

Arik Hanson is principal of ACH Communications. He blogs at Communications Conversations, where a version of this article originally appeared.


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