29 words that look misspelled

Does seeing the correct spelling of ‘minuscule’ throw you off? What about ‘wintry’? Those are just two examples of words that seem to be spelled incorrectly when they aren’t.

Writers and editors often find it difficult to take off their editing hats when they leave work.

It seems that grammar, spelling and punctuation errors are everywhere, and we can’t help but notice them. It’s a gift and a curse.

I was recently reading an article with the word pancreas in it. And I just knew pancreas was spelled wrong, but it wasn’t. Pancreas is spelled pancreas.

Here are 28 other words that look misspelled but aren’t:

1. Bellwether

2. Carburetor

3. Concatenate

4. Changeable

5. Dais

6. Doughnut

7. Handkerchief

8. Heinous

9. Hiccough

10. Hindrance

11. Imminent

12. Ingenuous

13. Inoculate

14. Minuscule

15. Memento

16. Occasion

17. Paraphernalia

18. Pastime

19. Perquisite

20. Piranha

21. Renege

22. Restaurateur

23. Sherbet

24. Supersede

25. Temperamental

26. Usability

27. Wildebeest

28. Wintry

It seems there is little certainty in English spelling. If you’re not sure about the spelling of a word, don’t suppose, assume or guess. Look it up.

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Laura Hale Brockway is an Austin-based writer and editor and a regular contributor to PR Daily. Read more of her work at impertinentremarks.com.

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