3 productivity tools you need in 2017

These sites will help you communicate better with your team, keep track of your to-dos and remember your passwords. You’re welcome.

Three productivity tools could change your life in 2017: Slack, Wunderlist and LastPass.

1. Slack

Remember AOL Instant Messaging? You could instantly message someone halfway across the country, and he or she would instantly message you back. The only problem was that you could message only one person at a time.

Enter Slack.

You can invite people—manually or through a work email address—and add them to channels. You can tag people, share documents, collaborate on work or create emojis. It’s the best productivity tool out there—especially for large and/or far-flung teams.

Our team also uses Slack for clients, and we’ve found their satisfaction has increased significantly. It’s an easy way to ask them questions or get information quickly.

2. Wunderlist

A little more than a year ago, I was trying to find a to-do list that a colleague and I could share that would also allow me to repeat certain tasks. I didn’t like Trello, and Basecamp didn’t work for me—particularly when I was on a plane and didn’t have internet access.

After doing some research and getting recommendations, I settled on Wunderlist.

You can invite people to join your lists, assign tasks, create due dates with notifications, access it online and off and—most important—check off tasks once you finish them. You can print your to-do list if you still want to keep it in a notebook.

3. LastPass

This password keeper creates strong passwords and periodically changes them, making it difficult for hackers to get into your system. LastPass autofills all your sites and gives you options.

This is the login page for Spin Sucks:

See that 9+ on the side? Click on that, and it will give you options for logging in.

In this case, it gives me the login information for every WordPress site for which I am an editor or contributor. I don’t have to remember any of my login information, and I don’t have to write it down somewhere that could be stolen.

You can create teams with which to share certain logins or keep the information to yourself.

It’s possible to access passwords if you are offline (which is helpful when you’re standing in line at the grocery store and have been kicked out of ApplePay), but what’s great is that LastPass changes your passwords for you. Mine change once a month. With that feature turned on, the password autofills for you.

What are your must-have productivity tools for 2017?

A version of this article originally appeared on Spin Sucks.

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