3 social media tools you may be missing

These marketing resources could be just what your business needs, regardless of its size.

We’re all about surfacing what’s next and what’s best, and we just wanted to make sure that you don’t miss out on these fantastic resources for your social media marketing efforts.

Whether you’re running or working for a small business, agency or major corporation, among these three you should find one that interests you.

1. Garious

Social media can be grunt work! Scheduling tweets and Facebook updates of blog posts can save you time and free you up for real-time engagement with your customers. Still, you have to go into your client of choice and actually schedule the updates. Garious saves you time by organizing your updates into categories (tweets about an event, tweets about blog posts, etc.) and broadcasting them to your audience on various social media channels at various times.


Crowdbooster is a brand new Y Combinator company with a fantastic social media product that will help you time your tweets. It analyzes the Twitter activity of your followers and sees when they are most engaged and then offers you several times when it is best for you to schedule Tweets. In addition, there is a handy Follow Builder feature where you can search by keyword for relevant people to add to your network. I think this is a very promising and helpful tool.


Synthesio is a Forrester Groundswell award winner and a great social media monitoring solution. It offers not only high-powered listening technology, but also the consultancy that analyzes the data from the tool so that you don’t have to do it in-house. Alternatively, if you want to be trained to use the tool yourself, it has a staff of experts to show you how. Its impressive client roster is testimony to some of the great stuff it’s doing.

Janet Aronica is the Community Manager at oneforty.


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