3 tips for crafting content that entices distracted readers

Join us from your desk and learn how to create clear, concise and creative copy.

You’ve done it before: Scanned an email looking for the good stuff—until you realized there wasn’t any, so you sent it straight to the trash. If it had anything important, you didn’t notice.

When it comes to boring copy, most people are just like you.

Make sure your content doesn’t end up in a digital trash can by following these tips from experts:

1. Corporate emails don’t have to be boring—use creative language and flair to ensure your employees don’t click “mark as read” and miss the important info.

2. When it comes to editing, make sure your copy adheres to the “Four C’s”: clear, coherent, consistent and correct.

3. Engage your millennial and Gen Z audiences with concise yet shocking content they’ll be itching to share.

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