3 tips to improve messaging to diverse audiences

Apply the principles used by The Trevor Project to craft messages that respect your audience’s diverse, intersectional identities.

As individuals across the country and globe fight for justice in the wake of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor’s deaths, organizations are having conversations on how they can be more inclusive. They’re pledging to improve hiring practices, ban offensive imagery and fight for equality for people of all backgrounds.

The messages crafted by communicators have a major impact on the success of those efforts. Without thoughtful consideration, your words could alienate the audiences you are trying to support.

During a recent Ragan virtual conference, Rory Gory, digital marketing manager for The Trevor Project, shared a few considerations to keep in mind when communicating with diverse groups. These tenets help the group craft safe and inclusive messaging around mental health to its LGBT audience.

Take a critical eye to your messaging to ensure you acknowledge the different experiences of marginalized groups and avoid unconscious biases to slip into your copy.

Understanding intersectionality is also key to crafting inclusive messaging. Everyone in your audience has overlapping identities depending on their race, class and gender. Be careful not to treat your audience as one-dimensional.

By keeping these principles top of mind, communicators can better help their organization tell stories that promote inclusion and equality.


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