3 tools to monitor your brand’s online reputation

Your brand’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets. Keep it clean with help from these tools.

A good online reputation is one of the keys for a business to gain and maintain customers.

Online reputation management can help you create or restore the image you want for your business. Just make sure you have the right strategies and tools for a more accurate and convenient way to get results.

To help you decide which tool to start with, here are some platforms you can try out.

1. BrandsEye

BrandsEye is made for brand monitoring and management. You can also use it for competitive analysis and to check out what’s going on with your competitors. The platform is ideal for small to large businesses because several people can use it to track what’s going on with the brand online. BrandsEye is also convenient, as you can get alerts through SMS, email and RSS.

BrandsEye comes with three plans and pricing offers that include a two-week trial.

2. Brandwatch

If you want to track the reputation you are gaining from social media sites, then Brandwatch might be the right tool for you. It helps you monitor specific keywords and brand mentions on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more.

You can take a quick view of what’s happening out there, and see what people are saying about your business.

Although Brandwatch only has subscription plans with varying prices, it will provide you with a free demonstration to show you how it works.

3. Naymz

Naymz can be considered one of the favorites for monitoring online reputation. It has a feature that allows you to check social influence through likes and other forms of social sharing. You can also assess how people find your brand, as Naymz sends a questionnaire to your contacts. Lastly, you can better your business’s reputation and image through the RepScore points posted on every user’s Naymz profile.

And the best part is you can use Naymz for free!

Always remember that the right reputation can help you turn your business into a brand that many people trust. Take precautions and do your own online management. This can help you get on the right track and address concerns your customers have.

Roxanne Reyes is a creative online writer from PrintRunner, a brochure printing company that offers small businesses innovative marketing tools. A version of this article originally appeared on JeffBullas.com. (Image via)

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