3 ways to help your executives thrive in the digital world

Discover how to help them create an engaging digital presence during this can’t-miss conference in Washington, D.C.

In the current digital landscape, executive communicators face bigger challenges than ever before.

Anything from a speech to a tweet can go viral in minutes—for better or worse.

The experts at the 2019 Leadership and Executive Communications Conference know how to help leaders navigate the treacherous online waters. Here are just a few of their tips to help leaders stand out as industry experts while protecting the brand’s reputation:

1. Use organization events to build excitement around executive messages and create content that can be repurposed.

2. Take a strategic approach to cultivating your executives’ social media profiles to establish them as thought leaders.

3. Give executives a central role in culture-building initiatives that impress both internal and external audiences.

Learn how to do the above—and much more—by joining us for this exciting conference Sept. 26–27 in Washington, D.C. You’ll hear from communicators at Facebook, Marriott International, Brunswick Group, LinkedIn, Goldman Sachs, Walmart and more.

Get the strategies you need to help senior leaders seize the digital spotlight, rather than avoiding it.

Register here.


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