30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

The job forecast for reporters and broadcasters is cloudy. Where will PR pros send pitches if those jobs vanish? Here’s insight—along with a list of communications positions to browse.

What will happen to public relations when all the reporters disappear?

Communicators will have to figure that out sooner than they might presume.

CareerCast ‘s latest jobs report names reporters and broadcasters as two of the top 10 most endangered jobs of 2016.

Here’s why, from the report:

For newspaper reporters—who are already in a dwindling market due to the shift from print to online medium over the last two decades, and the loss of associated revenue—automated publishing services looms as a potential threat. For example, Associated Press uses an automated system that can publish stories without human intervention.

As reporters will probably face unfavorable hiring forecasts for years to come, what are PR pros to do?

Go digital, of course—and pitch electronically.

More from the report:

Consumer habits will dictate the impact that has on the newspaper industry, since a program cannot provide the same firsthand detail and experience an on-site reporter can. Readers choosing to consume news from the direct source will directly impact that trend.

Here’s the full list of the most at-risk jobs:

1. Mail carrier

2. Typist/word processor

3. Meter reader

4. DJ

5. Jeweler

6. Insurance underwriter

7. Seamstress/tailor

8. Broadcaster

9. Newspaper reporter

10. Computer programmer

Marketing positions, however, are on the rise. Want to ditch your PR job for something more branding-related? The New York Times is looking for a brand marketing manager.

The person filling this role will play a crucial function linking the NYT’s newsroom and consumer revenue efforts, as well as developing the communications of its products, content and value.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in our weekly professional pickings:

Communications specialist—University of Texas at Austin (Texas)

PR coordinator— The Honest Co. (California)

Fashion public relations coordinator— Nordstrom (Washington)

Communications specialist—Walgreens (Illinois)

Public relations manager— Toms Shoes (California)

Associate PR specialist— Dell (Massachusetts)

Social media coordinator—Ralph Lauren Polo (New York)

Corporate affairs intern—Weber Shandwick (Illinois)

Public relations manager— Nintendo of America (California)

PR and communications manager— Focus Brands (Georgia)

Marketing and communications manager—United Way (South Carolina)

Social media coordinator— Claire’s (Illinois)

Web writer— Global Data (United Kingdom)

Director of communications—The University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)

Media specialist— NBC Universal (Massachusetts)

Local marketing specialist— Ikea (Ohio)

Communications coordinator—Trek Bicycle (Wisconsin)

Public relations manager— Home Depot (Georgia)

Marketing and community liaison— Whole Foods (New Orleans)

External communications specialist— Best Buy (Minnesota)

Director of industry communications— Zillow (Washington)

Social media specialist— Free People (New York)

Director of PR and communications— Upside Travel Co. (Connecticut)

Digital beauty editor— Hearst Magazines (United Kingdom)

Media relations trainee— Sacramento River Cats Baseball Club (California)

Public relations intern— Planned Parenthood (Florida)

Public relations officer—Chevron (Indiana)

Social media manager— DoorCountyDailyNews.com (Wisconsin)

Director of marketing and communications— Green Mountain College (Vermont)

Lead editor— Sage (United Kingdom)

If you have a position you would like to see highlighted in this weekly jobs listing, please email me at clarel@ragan.com.

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