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Ever been criticized for having too many jobs on your résumé? Experts say job hopping could actually be a positive. Here’s how—along with a list of open positions to consider.

Chronic job hoppers are probably familiar with the adage, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.”

Too often, the inclination to move from job to job raises questions about candidates:

  • Does it make them difficult to get along with?
  • Do they lack communication prowess?
  • Are they sure they’re on the right career path?

Data from Fast Company say it’s time to retire the stigma of being a flaky job hopper.

Here’s why:

Millennials are changing corporate culture

Young people are becoming a commanding force in a variety of industries. In turn, they’re altering the definition of “a successful career.”

Along with their wide-eyed optimism and determined work ethic, they’re always on the hunt for “the next best thing.” That often means job hopping, which business writer Vivian Giang says is a good thing.

She writes:

There are a lot of arguments for jumping ship every few years. The economy isn’t what it used to be—and never will be again. Workers who stay with a company longer than two years are said to get paid 50 percent less , and job hoppers are believed to have a higher learning curve, be higher performers and even to be more loyal because they care about making a good impression in the short amount of time they know they’ll stay with each employer.

Job hopping sets a higher bar for employees

When newcomers enter an office, they often want to exceed employer expectations. As a result, they work harder.

The Muse’s Stacey Gawronski says:

Career-builder indicates that [a job seeker’s] movement has to do with a quest for learning and knowledge. It’s a phrase you should start incorporating into your professional tale.

Before leaving for greener pastures, most young employees want to learn new skills and expand their résumés. They’ll often give you their best stuff before departing.

She adds:

As long as you’re making a strong impression, helping the company’s bottom line, and not burning any bridges on your way out the door, you can comfortably keep adding jobs to your budding resume with impunity.

Are you beginning another year with the same company? Perhaps it’s time for a change.

Netflix—which is known for having an innovative work culture—is seeking its next programmatic marketing manager.

Candidates for this California-based role should have at least three years of marketing experience, a passion for the entertainment business, a strong understanding of popular culture and a solid grasp of social media.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in our weekly professional pickings:

Account executive— Leo Burnett (Illinois)

Online marketing editor— IDW Publishing (California)

Social media rock star—Marketeering Group (Washington)

Marketing manager— Uber (Illinois)

Social media advertising analyst— Publishers Clearing House (New York)

Product manager—G/O Digital (Arizona)

Marketing coordinator— Elias (California)

Assistant director of communications—Central Michigan University (Michigan)

Digital coordinator— The Co-op (United Kingdom)

Social media ad strategist—Propel Marketing (Massachusetts)

Digital marketing associate— Redbox (Illinois)

Public relations director— The Provident Bank (New Jersey)

Marketing and communications representative— Critical Mass Global (Georgia)

Global head of social media— Glassdoor (California)

Communications and marketing manager— New London Public Schools (Connecticut)

Assistant director of video production—Central Michigan University (Michigan)

Email customer care specialist— Alta Resources (Wisconsin)

Technical public relations associate—Logz.io (Israel)

Public relations specialist—Atlantic Bay Mortgage (Virginia)

Social media coordinator— The Recording Academy (California)

Digital marketing assistant— Hays (United Kingdom)

Public relations manager— Lands’ End (Wisconsin)

Marketing director— Nfinity Athletic (Georgia)

Account supervisor, public relations— W2O Group (New York)

Field marketing manager— The Mom Project (Illinois)

Community relations manager— Town of Stonington (Connecticut)

Investor relations manager/director— Pros (Texas)

Disaster outreach associate—Catholic Charities USA (Virginia)

Online news editor— PBS (Washington, D.C.)

Public relations coordinator— Hogan Lovells (Kentucky)

If you have a position you would like to see highlighted in this weekly jobs listing, please email me at clarel@ragan.com.

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