30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

Most great careers start with a well-received interview. To ace your next sit-down, hone your promotional skills. Here’s a list of available communications positions to motivate you.

Many PR and media relations pros have scripted copy, but that doesn’t mean they should memorize recitations for interviews.

Pros often work to “humanize” their organization’s content, and according to Human Workplace founder Liz Ryan, they should be doing the same when preparing for an interview.

From Ryan via LinkedIn:

[Communicators] know how to talk to people, how to be casual and friendly, how to tell jokes and how to be human. The problem is that lots of other people—including people in management positions—are stuck in an outdated mindset. They think that at work, we have to be stiff and formal.

Although it’s preferable in many interview scenarios—especially in an agency setting—to look and sound professional, Ryan advises showing your personality. For some, that means telling a work-appropriate joke. For others, it could mean talking about a hobby or sharing an anecdote from a recent travel experience.

If you’re on the other side of an interview table, Ryan says to ditch your formal mentality, channel your inner-marketing exec and treat your prospective hire like a client.

Ryan says:

The only reason we treat job-seekers less carefully than we treat customers and prospective customers is that many employers still cling to the outdated notion that job applicants are a dime a dozen, and somehow less than human.

Recent communications graduates on the hunt for their first job might consider an entry-level position with Ohio-based Manifest Marketing. The firm is seeking a junior marketing associate.

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Candidates for this role can expect to assist the marketing team in implementing their projects and activities, work to increase brand awareness, drive sales and generate business leads.

Not the job for you? See what else we have in this week’s professional pickings:

Marketing assistant—Loop It NYC (New York)

Public relations assistant— F.A.S.T. Global Marketing (Illinois)

Web editor— University of Notre Dame (Indiana)

Marketing assistant—SVG Marketing (New York)

Social media specialist— The Social Station (Pennsylvania)

Marketing analyst—Columbus Dispatch (Ohio)

Public relations assistant—Greaux Events (Louisiana)

Editor— Pop Science (United Kingdom)

Customer service social media manager— Groupon (Illinois)

Brand marketing associate— North Chicago Marketing (Wisconsin)

Public relations manager— American Public University System (Virginia)

Sports marketing and advertising— Detroit Business Consulting (Michigan)

Marketing assistant manager— Live Marketing (Missouri)

Social media manager (Betsy Johnson and Superga)— Steve Madden (New York)

Advertising associate— Four Pillars Marketing (Ohio)

Content analyst (copywriter)— Performics (Illinois)

Public relations assistant— Amplify Management (Florida)

Social media team member— Grunt Style (Illinois)

Multimedia editor— Farm Journal Media (Indiana)

Social media analyst— Clicks and Clients (Colorado)

Public relations assistant— Aster + Evergreen (Louisiana)

Social media editor— Fusion, a Univision company (New York)

Summer public relations internship— Zeno Group (Illinois)

Social media manager— ANKR Agency (Texas)

Money editor— AOL (United Kingdom)

Public relations assistant— Garnet Events (Alabama)

Social media editor— Pilot Media (Virginia)

Public relations manager— Golin (Illinois)

Social media specialist— Somedia Solutions (Georgia)

Interactive marketing associate— The Minacs Group (Wisconsin)

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