30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

Find out which organizations creatives were gushing over in 2017. Plus, check out our latest roundup of job openings.

Most of us have a dream job that we would do just about anything to land.

Nothing could stand in our way of becoming the next team member for that ideal workplace.

Working Not Working, a site that connects companies and creative talent, released its fourth annual list, “The Top Companies WNW Creatives Would Kill to Work for Full-Time.

This year’s list featured 20 organizations that have earned recognition all four years. They are 72andSunny, Airbnb, Apple, Barton F. Graf, BBDO, Buck, Disney, Droga5, Google, IDEO, Mother, NASA, Nike, Patagonia, Pentagram, Pixar, Sagmeister & Walsh, SpaceX, Tesla and Wieden+Kennedy.

There were also a fresh batch of newcomers that made this year’s list: Amazon, Chandelier Creative, Collins, Everlane, Instagram, Mailchimp, MediaMonks and Oddfellows.

Working Not Working surveyed its network of members in the creative industries to determine where they’d most like to work and what driving factors affect their career decisions.

AdAge wrote:

Working Not Working currently has 30,000 members in its network. It compiles the list by asking members, 64 percent of whom are freelance and 36 percent full-time, which companies they’d want to work for full-time. Nearly 1,000 members participated this year.

“Many other competitions require companies to apply and make a case for their worth, but with this it’s just an open form field,” says Working Not Working co-founder Justin Gignac. “In order for a company to make the cut, they need to be in the hearts and minds of the best creative talent in the world. So this list becomes a reflection of what’s going on culturally and in the industry.”

According to survey results, “Creative Opportunity” played the biggest role when deciding where to work. Its 60 percent response was far greater than “The Team,” which was the next highest response at 11 percent.

When asked what factors would make them want to leave a job, “Boring/Unchallenging Work” received the highest response, at 39 percent.

Artificial intelligence was another survey topic. It asked “Are you worried about automation and AI taking over your job…” At 76 percent, the overwhelming response was “no,” or, “No, and if those robots try they’ll have to kill me,” to be more exact.

See the complete results on Working Not Working’s blog.

Do any of these organizations sound like dream-job material? You’re in luck; the following are featured positions from organizations that have made this year’s list.

NASA seeks a director of external relations in Texas. Pixar is looking for a marketing intern for summer 2018 at its headquarters in Emeryville, California. Patagonia wants a managing editor for brand and environmental activism at its Ventura, California, headquarters.

Looking to work for one of the newcomers on the list?

Amazon is in search of a senior marketing communications manager in Seattle. Google seeks a head of rapid response communications at its headquarters in Mountain View, California. Tesla is looking for a social media intern in Amsterdam.

Still want more? Find job openings from other organizations that made the list below. Plus, see what else we have in our weekly professional pickings:

Social media strategist (part-time)—Lynn Hazan & Associates (Chicago)

Conference producer—Ragan Communications (Illinois or North Carolina)

Digital media strategist—Apple (California)

Media relations manager—Disney (China)

Communications strategy director—Droga5 (New York)

Director, audience engagement—National Geographic (Washington, D.C.)

Senior manager, social media marketing platforms—RBC (Canada)

Public relations director—Community Health Systems (Tennessee)

Public relations specialist—Indiana University Bloomington (Indiana)

Social media manager and strategist—The Fiction Tribe (Oregon)

Brand marketing manager—Airbnb (Japan)

Marketing copywriter—Surescripts (Minnesota)

Public affairs specialist—State Farm (Georgia)

Social media manager—Netflix (Brazil)

Director of marketing and public relations—Lake Health (Ohio)

Digital marketing account manager—Loyal Dog Marketing (Wisconsin)

Speechwriter, technology communications—Facebook (California)

Program manager—MediaMonks (United Kingdom)

Marketing supervisor—McDonald’s (Michigan)

Specialist, PR and media relations—Deloitte (Illinois)

Marketing manager—KPMG (Canada)

Product marketing manager—Lenovo (North Carolina)

Marketing strategist—Colorado State University (Colorado)

Communications director—Nike (Italy)

If you have a position you’d like to see highlighted in PR Daily’s weekly jobs post, please email me a link to the listing.

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